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MiT Software makes its way with its development and programming services in Nairobi, Kenya, as the most qualified software development company to carry out the projects that your company needs to apply to achieve success in the digital market. In our hands, any development project is backed by tools designed to improve them, in addition to making the ideas that your brand needs to grow and achieve local and international recognition come true.


At MiT Software we know, work and apply the Lean Methodology, which allows companies to carry out their processes more quickly and effectively.


That same knowledge in Lean Methodology allows us to optimally apply and develop any development project that your company, brand or product has available to achieve the success it deserves.


The Lean Methodology aims to optimize business processes (production and management) and development projects, in order to use fewer resources in them. When we speak of resources we are not only referring to money, but also to time and raw materials.


The implementation of this methodology in your company guarantees a very notable improvement in internal processes, as it was created and designed to streamline production and reach the maximum potential of a company.


As in MiT Software we are in constant innovation, we also have other management systems for you and your company, just as effective and recognized as the Lean Methodology. Do you know which one we are talking about?


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Be Agile

At MiT software we also have another methodology that works to streamline and improve workflows both in software development and in the advancement of projects within your company and that is Agile.


Agile is a methodology that originated in 2001 and since then it has been almost a requirement for companies to improve their internal processes. This is a work system that maintains a constant and clear direction of how and where the efforts of the people involved in a project should be directed.


Companies such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft, among many other recognized ones, apply the Agile methodology to succeed in their respective fields, since it allows you to organize and distribute work quickly and flexibly among the different teams that make up your company.

MiT Software Services for Nairobi

In MiT Software we also have different services aimed at improving development projects and processes within companies, as they are programmed and anchored to the best tools on the market such as:


React JS





Flutter icon




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React or React.JS, is an open source Javascript library designed to facilitate the creation of user interfaces, allowing the development of applications on a single page.


React was originally created by Facebook and currently has the support of thousands of free developers who keep it constantly updated.


With React, the application development process on the business side is done quickly, as well as ensuring a better user experience as a final product.

Get to know in detail all our React JS solutions Tel. 934002600

Javascript is one of the most popular and recognized programming languages worldwide, thanks to which it allows the creation of fast and flexible applications and websites.


With Javascript, your company’s development projects will be supported by a programming language capable of developing applications or web pages that translate into a unique experience for customers.

Know in detail all our Javascript solutions Tel. 934002600

Node.JS is a multiplatform execution environment that allows us at MiT Software to create sustainable, scalable applications that make efficient use of resources, since it is anchored to JavaScript.


The web and mobile applications with Node.JS are oriented to growth, since it facilitates the implementation of modifications and adjustments necessary to improve the efficiency of the processes.


Also with Node.JS, the development projects of your company will be completed in the established times.

Get to know in detail all our Node JS solutions Tel. 934002600
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Flutter is a Software Development Kit (SDK) created by Google for mobile application development. This tool is used to create and run user interfaces designed for the Android, iOS and Web ecosystems.


This tool has gained great popularity due to the extensive support that Google has given it, as well as being very friendly when creating mobile applications, which are very important for your company’s development projects.


Our designers use a conditional user interface with animations to offer a native user experience.

Get to know all our Flutter solutions in detail Tel. 934002600
wordpress" class="vc_row wpb_row section vc_row-fluid grid_section" style=' text-align:center;'>

WordPress It is undoubtedly one of the most popular content management systems in the world, designed for the creation of any type of web page. In its beginnings, this management system was widely used for the creation of personal blogs, but little by little it has progressed to become one of the main tools for the development of business, sales and news websites.


Thanks to its enormous flexibility and performance,WordPress allows you to create lightweight web pages and to suit the client. It is also compatible with SEO, which is the search engine positioning system that will ensure that your company appears among the first results in the Nairobi search engines.


The services that we offer in MiT Software are prepared, programmed, executed and anchored to these tools.


If you are looking for a software development company in Nairobi, capable of complying with what is stated in your marketing plan, MiT Software is the best option for you thanks to our extensive experience and quality of our services.


And if you do not have a marketing plan, do not worry, at MiT Software we take care of creating it for you, identifying the notable areas of your company, product or service, to exploit them to the maximum and thus achieve the success you are looking for.


Get in touch with us. This may be the beginning of something great.

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