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Johnnie Walker Coming to Metaverse Club Nights

Johnnie Walker

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The renowned brand of Scotch whiskey, Johnnie Walker, arrived at metaverse With a quite daring and unique proposal, it is a nightclub. In this way, the company makes its grand entrance into the virtual world, with the idea that it will be its starting point for a great expansion. 

In the metaverse, the brand unfolded the atmosphere, the music and a light show inside La Feria, one of the most important electronic music clubs in Latin America. There he has held different events. 

And for those who did not manage to participate in the first ones, they will be able to attend the last one, which will take place on May 27 with the music of Dominique and Melani.



Johnnie Walker Coming to Metaverse Club Nights


Johnnie Walker's entry into the metaverse


But the well-known whiskey brand's entry into the metaverse isn't just to go with the trend, it's it's all an elaborate strategy to expand your brand, even in the virtual world. 

That is why Johnnie Walker is focused on these events within the metaverse, throwing late-night parties to provide a seamless experience.mitit is. Mariana Barros, Head of Whiskeys at Diageo, details that Johnnie Walker is a pioneering brand in terms of creativity, innovation and disruption. 

“This desire for innovation, combined with the advancement of new technologies, today leads us to explore new universes and discover new forms of socialization in virtuality to develop experiences thatmitto renew ourselves and constantly surprise our consumers”.

More and more companies are offering their brands or services in the metaverse, a virtual space created to unite millions of people. 



johnnie walker metaverse



What is the metaverse? 


The virtual world where users can connect to interact with each other, socialize, perform financial operations or entertain themselves is known as the metaverse. The metaverses have their boom thanks to technology blockchain, since that way, they can execute complex commands in a matter of seconds. 

However, metaverses have been on the market for years, although they were only used for entertainment purposes. 

In the metaverses, you create a character or avatar, and you enter that world to live adventures through your computer. 

The term metaverse comes from a 1992 novel called 'Snow Crash', and is a term that has settled to describe visions of three-dimensional or virtual workspaces. This metaverse, therefore, means a virtual world in which we can interact, and which has been generated to resemble an external reality.






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