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MiTSoftware offers Laravel development services for companies in Barcelona, Spain, with a dedicated team of programmers who guarantee customized solutions for project success. Our flexibility in hiring and offering a personalized hour bank allows us to adapt to the needs and budget of each client. With a focus on excellence and quality, we are committed to taking our clients' projects to the next level to drive their growth and business success.

Benefits of using Laravel

Custom development in Laravel

Using Laravel has a number of significant benefits, such as its well-defined directory structure that makes organizing code easier, a powerful migration system that simplifies database management, an Eloquent ORM that speeds up database operations, a Blade template system that improves the readability and maintainability of frontend code, built-in support for unit and integration testing that ensures software reliability, and a large active community that provides support and access to a wealth of pre-built resources and packages, resulting in faster and more efficient development.

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Why choose us to develop your project in Laravel?

APIs Development
APIs Development

Our Laravel developers have a good experience in API generator packages that create RESTful solutions. These can communicate with third-party clients such as mobile devices and expand their reach to the audience.

Laravel Extensions
Laravel Extensions

We have extensive experience in developing Laravel extensions. Our developers are highly trained to explore special development needs for Laravel packages, such as e-commerce and payments, among others.

Laravel CRM
Laravel CRM

Our team has enough experience to build any complex CRM application from scratch. We aim to create a wide range of features to help manage customer interactions.

Support and maintenance
Support and maintenance

We provide services and take responsibility for managing them, but we also offer flexible support and 24/7 maintenance to the client.

Web Laravel

Laravel Web
Web Laravel Laravel Web

We create customized Laravel websites and software products. Our full-stack developer creates a unique design and user experience by integrating the latest contemporary services.

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