Personalized messaging for companies

Do you want to be in communication with your company?


MiT Chat: Messenger for companies is the most practical and effective solution when it comes to being communicated!

MiT Chat is the most complete and secure software when it comes to being in communication with your company and your customers. It adjusts to each project and each need with all the highly customizable functionalities and features that you need so much.


100% customizable


Multiple functionalities


Free updates

MiT Chat: Messenger for companies

Mit Chat is highly customizable software that has great innovative features that are very useful when connecting with your company.


We mention some of the main functionalities of the platform that you can acquire in MiT Software:


  • Creation of chats and work groups: you will always be in contact with coworkers and your close groups. In addition, you can send chat messages, photos and videos.
  • Profile configuration: you can update the information of your profile or your company, as well as provide relevant information for those who are in your contacts
  • Voice and video call: Users can make video calls and audio calls with good voice quality.

Available for iOS and Android

The platform can be downloaded from both Google Play and the App Store.





Know in detail all our private Chat solutions for companies. Tel. 934002600.

MiT Chat platform functionalities

Status Option

Share your thoughts, images and videos in status so that all your contacts can see it. In addition, you will be able to see what your workers and those closest to you share.


You can enter your phone number and the OTP will send it to their respective number. Following the steps above, you must verify the OTP to log in.

Custom chats

User can send message as text, image, video, location, audio, contact, document and audio messages. You can also delete, copy and forward the messages.

Chat option

Mit Chat uses your phone’s internet connection to send messages so you can avoid SMS fees. Thus, you can be in permanent contact with your workers


Mit Chat makes use of calls and video calls using your phone’s internet connection, instead of the voice minutes of your paid mobile plans.

Group option

Stay in touch with the group of people who matter most to you, like your family or coworkers, with group chats that you can share.

Know in detail all our private Chat solutions for companies.  Tel. 934002600.

Ready for SaaS

Personalized Chat Messenger for companies, SAAS. Did you know that through multi-user membership you can monetize your content using SaaS? Compared to locally hosted software models, SaaS customers do not have to install the software, update it, maintain it or integrate it: the vast majority of technical aspects are under control thanks to us.


Start a successful business and charge your customers with one-time recurring integrated payments through PayPal and Stripe. Also, you can use the SaaS features and charge your end user for using the service.


The use is scalable.
Updates are automatic.
It is compatible with all devices.

Our platform

The acquisition of MiT Chat, our personalized chat solution for your company, includes:


1- Basic configuration and setup of the system.
2- Personalization of the system to the branding of the brand.
3- Commissioning.


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