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We create software systems and integration with the Odoo platform for companies. If you need ERP and CRM developers to manage your company, we have a team specialized in advanced management of development projects.


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Why choose Odoo?

Odoo’s OpenERP is an integrated web computing system that runs on open source. So it is possible to carry out a global management of the company with a single software thanks to its breadth of tools and utilities based on CRM for eCommerce services, ERP in reference to business planning for the administration of the organization.


odoo para empresas

What should you know about Odoo development?

Updates in Odoo

Like an operating system, such as Windows or Linux, in Odoo there are system updates. Similarly, there may be modules developed with Odoo that: 


  • Also be updated in time and adapt to new versions of Odoo easily


  • Are updated, but present difficulty in moving the data from a previous version to the new one (therefore, more cost)


  • Cease to exist in new versions of Odoo

Good practice in Odoo developments

Dude the quality with which the Odoo development of a module has been made is so influential in the immediate future, we are going to study some factors that define a good development:


  • Structure and notes of the code: When programming, in the same code there should be small annotations that indicate the logic that is being followed. In the same way, the code must be well structured, so that if it has to be edited later (by the same creator or another person), it is easy both for slight modifications and to add functionalities.


  • Modules: an Odoo development can be “less modular”; that is, affect the inner core of Odoo. If this is the case, we can cause failures in other parts of the system and practically guarantee that it will not be useful in another later version, since in each version, what changes, above all, is the kernel itself. We will therefore look for modules that are well attached, externally, to the rest of the system.

Development of custom modules

Why opt for custom Odoo developments?

  • There are no modules that cover our needs.
  • The modules that exist are of poor quality and do not integrate well, having to redo them from scratch to guarantee quality development.
  • The greater the volume of data in the company, the more need it will have for quality developments, since they will guarantee a good system operation and, once again, cost savings in the future.

Odoo Developers

Similar to Android or iOS, Odoo has its own app store, made up of input from Odoo developers.

Odoo shows its chest compared to its competitors, mainly in this regard. Being open source, there are a large number of odoo modules and developers.

In figures, there are currently more than 22,000 applications in Odoo APPs, thus estimating, at least, hundreds of developers who contribute their work and make it available to other Odoo users.

We work with Odoo 14

New features in Odoo 14


New chart snippet

New countdown widget

Pop Auto Snippet

Emoji widget

Product catalog fragment

Enhanced product price list report

New reporting tool getting ready in Odoo14

Reconciliation widget is moved to Enterprise

What makes Odoo different?

A smooth and easy user experience designed to ensure a natural fit.


Fluidity and full integration meet the needs of all companies, even the most complex companies. Odoo’s flexibility is such that applications can be added as your business grows, adding applications one at a time as your needs change and your clientele grows.


Thanks to the open source community, Odoo is fully supported by a large developer base, allowing it to respond to changing customer needs and offer new and innovative applications.

Know in detail our solutions in Odoo development. Tel. 934002600

Our Odoo solutions

Odoo Data Migration Service

We carry out migrations from other EPR systems to Odoo with total security. With a complete migration of data (Articles, customers, suppliers, Accounting plan with data, Route sheets, Orders, etc.


Our approach, commitment and services are 100% dedicated to: finding the best migration process and tools, as well as providing the best migration experience, quality and security.

Odoo Version Update Service

This fast rate of updates (a new version comes out practically every year) and the high rate of implementation of new functions and technologies, makes it difficult to update from one version to another.


As new versions are released, older users get stuck on older and older versions, preventing them from taking advantage of the latest wonderful and powerful features in newer versions of Odoo.


We migrate from safe and tested Odoo versions, our approach introduces the newest Odoo technology and features to your business. By migrating to the latest version of Odoo, we are empowering companies around the world to take advantage of the latest Odoo technology and features, in order to grow and consolidate their businesses.

Migration from SAP to Odoo

We are aware of the complexity of data migration for an inexperienced user. Therefore, we are here to help you through this complex process. It doesn’t matter if you need to transfer data to a new SAP system or, for example, change it to text format, our team will take care of that in no time.


We have considerable experience in data migration from various types of software, and accounting systems belong there too. Taking into account all the peculiarities, we will carry out the transfer with precision.

Custom Odoo app

Due to its flexibility, ease of learning, and the fact that it is highly customizable, Odoo has grown to rank high on the list of preferred ERP solutions in a variety of business models.


With Odoo, businesses can customize the solution to suit their specific needs, paying only for the features they use.


At MiTSoftware, our developers have years of experience working with Odoo. Personalization is our specialty, and we have the knowledge and experience to tailor Odoo Apps for your company.

Odoo implementation

Implementing Odoo the right way is the key to a successful business. A successful ERP implementation depends solely on the implementation partner you choose for your work.


At MiTSoftware we have extensive experience in Odoo implementation, we have provided a variety of Odoo implementation services and cover all major industries such as commerce, manufacturing, e-commerce, accounts and finance, etc.


We have implemented numerous successful projects for our valued clients in countries around the world. This has given us the skills and experience to deliver each project with ease, no matter how large or small.

Odoo integration with Prestashop

Prestashop is one of the leading open source e-commerce solutions. Prestashop is published under an open software license and is written in PHP programming language with support from the MySQL database administration system.


Odoo integration with Prestashop helps you with various features that enhance your experience after using ERP software for your e-commerce website.


This integration is compatible with any version of Prestashop and any version of Odoo, including the Community and Enterprise Editions. Odoo prestashop extension helps you with order management, inventory management, sales, purchasing, warehouse, etc.

Odoo integration with Shopify

Shopify’s integration with Odoo helps you manage all your Shopify operations such as products, orders, customers, etc., from the Odoo ERP software.


This integration is a complete e-commerce solution that allows you to set up an online store to sell your products. It allows you to organize your products, personalize your store, accept credit card payments, track and respond to orders, all with a few clicks.

Odoo integration with Woocommerce

Odoo integration with Woocommerce enables eCommerce merchants who want to manage their Woocommerce websites on Odoo ERP software.


With this you will be able to perform data synchronization between Woocommerce website / stores and Odoo.


Woocommerce is one of the leading ecommerce plugins for managing and creating an online store within WordPress. Woocommerce is used by many ecommerce merchants around the world, from small to large companies, MiTSoftware provides you with Odoo-Woocommerce bridge where you can sync all WooCommerce website data to Odoo and vice versa.

Odoo integration with Magento

Odoo Magento integration helps your business easily sync all your Magento store data to Odoo ERP software.


This integration will help you to have a single ERP system to manage all the functions of your Magento website, therefore you don’t need to even bother to log into the Magento backend to process and perform the necessary functions and everything is done. you can manage within Odoo ERP software.


Since Odoo ERP software offers you a wide range of modules that can manage other functions of your business. With this integration, managing your Magento website becomes easy with additional Odoo features such as Magento Sales, Purchasing, Inventory Management, Finance and Accounting, Human Resources, etc.

Odoo integration with Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a supply chain management method where retailers / sellers do not need to hold stock, instead they have to pass the customer’s order and shipment details to the direct sender and the direct sender will deliver it in name of the seller / retailer.


If you are using drop shipping service, it is important to manage orders and update your customers on shipment tracking information. As a seller, you need to know the inventory that your direct shippers own, which helps you manage your future orders.


The integration of Dropshipping in the Odoo application allows you to manage products, orders and operations related to inventory through the FTP server. You don’t need to manage any operations manually, all your operations will be handled automatically.

Main functions of ERP-CRM systems

Sales management


Track the sales cycle in your corporation closely. From giving estimates about the products to the final payment procedures. The integrated system will have useful tools such as SMS sending, billing, printing, calendars, important events, traceability, effectiveness of telemarketers … You will be able to keep a complete follow-up of your company’s sales, knowing the strengths and weaknesses.

Purchasing Management


We complete your CRM with a powerful HR manager for your company where you can take all the information of your employees, interviewees, technical recruitment system. Organize your contracts as well as the analytics of your team, assistances, absences or vacations. Quickly consult your employee’s file with all the information you need, as well as a time organizer and attendance statistics.

CRM system


Optimize the relationship with customers, being able to achieve the optimal conditions with strategies that will keep your customers in the long term. It acts as a commercial management, generating competitive marketing advantages over your competition. Address book, orders, meetings, phone calls, billing, after sales, documents, reports.

Financial management


Complete accounting system where you can manage your quarterly and annual closings, optimizing your costs with cash movements. Among the multitude of accounting tools, the simultaneous work between employees, accounting entries, taxes, accounting plan, account management, annotations in accounting entries, reports and accounting analysis for their decision making stand out.

Human Resources


You will be able to provide your company with an efficient tool to optimize your warehouse and improve purchase prices, in addition to automation. Track your orders, order list, billing, price list, decision making through purchasing reports you will be able to know costs, inventory and future problems.


Warehouse management


The Warehouse Management System, aimed at companies that handle a large stock of products, will simplify your work. You will keep track of inventory from warehouse entry (suppliers, costs, orders) to departure (valuations, traceability, locations, routes). Manage all processes in a single form. Connect with your provider and after-sales services.

Project Manager


One of the most powerful integrated project manager on the market, now implemented in your CRM and ERP system. Organize work by assigning tasks to your employees with the time manager. Break down your projects and carry out a quick follow-up as a company director, quickly consulting tasks and being able to delegate, resolve incidents, manage team messages within each individual task.

Production system


Manufacturing and manufacturing management. Organize manufacturing with production orders, order planning, and product management with material tracking. Develop the lists of the components of each material individually, developing an optimal classification in your company. Perfect for product assembly systems, being able to manage components.

Marketing strategy


You will also have a complete digital marketing campaign manager on your panel. Make announcements to your customer network and keep a statistical follow-up through the different control panels. Possibility of segmentation, go to the target audience of your campaign and optimize benefits. Build your database with records through newsletter and subscription forms.


Know in detail our solutions in Odoo development. Tel. 934002600

Business areas

Odoo for food companies

Odoo for clothing manufacturers, fashion

Odoo for logistics companies

Odoo for supermarkets

Odoo POS Terminal Point of Sale

Odoo for Accounting Services, Accounting Management

Odoo for packaging manufactures

Odoo for wine bottlers

Odoo for human resource management

Odoo for manufacturing companies

Odoo for e-commerce

Odoo for restaurants


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