Odoo integration with Prestashop

Barcelona – Madrid

The Prestashop ecommerce platform is a great tool for your online store, it can be easily adapted to the conditions of your SME and has a high level of customization. This type of solution is already implemented in an ERP. And Odoo is one of the best ERP solutions on the market for SMEs that solves the management of your SME and integrates with Prestashop.




Online stores made with Prestashop represent an important part of eCommerce in Spain. It is one of the most used Ecommerce platforms in our country. Both sellers and customers enjoy its benefits.


Although Prestashop with each version continues to improve in this regard, it is still far from offering the user experience that Odoo offers, where predictability, cleanliness and the learning curve are high thanks also to its great ease of use.


Prestashop integration with Odoo offers you the following benefits:


  • Stock management: manage the inventory of all stores and know at all times what product we have and which one we need to incorporate.
  • Article management: product management from the billing program and management of discount vouchers and offers.
  • Comprehensive ERP management: to avoid carrying out the work twice, managing physical and online stores, invoicing, accounting and commercial management.
  • SEO control: possibility of managing SEO either manually or automatically when incorporating new products into the billing program.
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Odoo Connector Synchronize with Prestashop – Features


  • Bidirectional sync for products
  • Two-way sync for category
  • Two-way update for order status such as cancellation, payment accepted, delivered.
  • Synchronization of the prestashop client to odoo
  • Order synchronization in real time from prestashop to odoo
  • Export the previous order placed before the installation of the module.
  • Real-time inventory sync of prestashop product mix as odoo variants
  • Tax Map
  • Payment allocation
  • Carrier mapping


  • Export / Update of products and categories from Prestashop to Odoo and vice versa.
  • Bidirectional export of attributes and attribute values.
  • Stock update in real time from Odoo to Prestashop.
  • Export customers and their Prestashop address to Odoo.
  • Real-time export of orders and order status such as cancellation, payment accepted, delivered. from Prestashop to Odoo.
  • Export old Prestashop orders made before module installation.
  • Synchronize the stock of the product from Odoo to Prestashop according to the available quantity of the product or the planned quantity


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