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Upland: Uno de los proyectos más centralizados de todos

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What is Upland?

While most play-to-earn titles offer one or more tokens, Upland presents itself as one of the most centralized projects of all . Uplandme.Inc’s game is a strange proposition in a gaming world that is increasingly turning to cryptocurrencies.

This is because, even though the game works on the blockchain (that of EOS specifically), it avoids the term “cryptocurrency” to refer to its assets. He has chosen the narrative of the NFTs, and has sought allies related to traditional money to avoid problems.

In this way, his idea of ​​a video game where you buy digital properties with a non-token. It seems that we are talking about another crypto game, but it is actually a very special variation.


Este videojuego consiste en invertir en propiedades virtuales que representan a las propiedades en la vida real. Las calles tienen negocios de la vida real e incluso lugares históricos y turísticos.

De esta manera, un habitante de San Francisco puede incluso comprar la propiedad de su casa en el juego. En este caso, son las propiedades las que son los NFTs, estas se crean sobre la blockchain de EOS y pertenecen a quien tenga legítima propiedad sobre ella.

Además, podemos personalizar las propiedades compradas con nuevas edificaciones, el estilo de esta las decide el dueño. Por lo que el jugador cumple una de las propuestas clave del juego “¡Cambiemos el mundo!”

Pero nos falta hablar de la experiencia play-to-earn. Y es aquí donde entra lo que podríamos llamar “token”, la moneda UPX, que forma parte del juego y con la se pueden comprar las propiedades. Hablaremos de este no-token en breve.

¿Quiénes son los creadores de Upland?

 Uplandme, Inc. es una organización con sede en Silicon Valley, allí fue fundada por los emprendedores Dirk Lueth, Mani Honigstein e Idan Zuckerman en 2018. La idea era desarrollar un juego que conectara a las personas. De ahí que el slogan de Upland sea “juega, gana, conecta”.

For its part, the intelligence and development center is located in Ukraine and the company works with people scattered all over the world. This is their first project but they have taken it seriously and, unlike many crypto games, its creators have not remained anonymous.

In fact, their particularity is that they have opted for more centralized crypto projects than usual and for going head-to-head with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission). This institution has given their project the green light, so it is one of those games with which you will not be afraid that they will “fade away.”

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In fact, its founders often give interviews and talk openly about their project. The same for the developers who have shared a very clear roadmap.

Of course, the company has created both a Telegram and Discord channel , quite common social networks for communicating this type of project.

How does Upland work?

The game consists of buying properties (NFTs) and selling them at a price that we consider more suitable. We can also complete certain missions and collections to receive more rewards.

All this “trading” is done with UPX, the currency of the game. However, Upland also allows trading with fiat currency, that is, US dollars. In this way, the in-game currency is available for only a few uses.

These are the payment of commissions, purchase of properties, special items, payment of in-game travel, etc. Also, we cannot withdraw cryptos from the game, so they are only worth something within the game ecosystem.

Upland calls them “utility tokens” and maybe that’s what it is from a semantic point of view. But not from a crypto point of view, they cannot be exchanged directly for money on exchanges so they are not a crypto token.

It is worth noting that this small difference does not matter too much to talk about the play-to-earn aspect. People buy property with UPX and can then sell it for real money, so they continue to fill a role.

UPXs have a value of $ 1 per 1000 and we can buy them with real money. The point is that once inside, we must “work” with this money to multiply it and return it to our pockets in the form of more money.

The most common way to do this is by buying properties. According to the Upland website , “shilling” is one of the most common techniques. This means that players try to sell their properties through channels outside of the video game, and they try to convince others that they need that property.

It should be noted that the properties complete collections that reward us with more UPX and that it has a “yielding” of 17%. In other words, annually (real years) they reward the player with 17% of what the property cost him.

In other words, if you paid 10,000 you will receive 1,700, but this payment is in small fractions every 3 hours. So you can imagine that if you appropriate many places, you will receive a “salary” in IPX that can be taken from it.

Explorers of the world

The game interface as such is simple , you see a map from an overhead point of view and you have the right to visit these locations: Brooklyn, Manhattan, Oakland, Fresno, San Francisco, State Island, Bakersfield, Chicago, Cleveland, Kansas, New Orleands, Nashvile.

Your character, called an explorer, can have a custom avatar and moves randomly around the city of your choice the first time you start the game. You can also transport yourself to the properties you own or take a train or plane to travel.

The explorer is the representation of the player on the street and can also follow three tracks that appear on the map in the shape of a paper plane . These can take you to a nearby property that is for sale or that could be useful to complete a collection.

In order to buy a property you need to be close to it, so you can’t really go anywhere and buy. You must be lucky that a plane guides you there or that your explorer walks through an area with properties for sale.

In the same way, your first property must be one suitable for your level. They are scattered around the map and are called “FSA”, they have a very accessible price and will allow you to increase your total capital, something necessary to play as we will explain shortly.

Explorer levels

There are several levels for the character: visitor, uplander, pro, director, executive, and chief executive. As you might suspect, you will start at the lowest level and at this level you cannot buy properties from other players.

In addition, your progress in the game and your properties will be lost if you do not advance and renew your “visitor visa”. It is obtained in the menu of your explorer and you must renew it every week for your progress to be saved.

To get past these annoying limitations, you need to level up. For that you must raise your net capital to 10,000 UPX. It is worth noting that you start with 4000 and the idea is to buy properties, which will give you rewards every 3 hours and thus reach 10,000 UPX.

The other alternative is to pay, remember that 10,000 UPX is 10 dollars. Once you pay them, you automatically go to Uplander and avoid problems. Although for many the challenge is to start from scratch without any help.

How can you earn money within Upland?

The idea is to buy properties until these, with their reward system, give you enough money to buy more properties without investing real money.

That being said, remember that it is a play-to-earn and these almost always require an initial capital inflow to work best. You can always choose to play hard mode, it will be slow at first but eventually you will.

On the other hand, if you want to start fast you will have to invest money and the answer to “how much? It will depend on your ability to sell on Discord channels, Reddit forums or Telegram.

Additionally, you must also shop strategically to earn in-game achievements and receive more rewards. The creators of Upland consider it to be Monopoly in real life, so that gives you an idea of ​​who succeeds in the game.

On the other hand, remember that purchases are made in UPX, but sales should be made with US dollars (the game allows withdrawing through PayPal). The best way to make a good conversion is to use your UPXs to buy much desired properties in real life and therefore in the virtual one of Upland. This will make the dollar sale more realistic.

How to start playing? 

Unlike other P2E games, this one does not require any preparation with wallets or exchanges to play. You only need to enter their website, click on “enter upland” (at the top) and you will be ready to start playing.

This is because, despite running on the EOS blockchain, Upland also partnered with Tilia, an anti-theft and anti-fraud platform to protect its consumers. This platform does not work with cryptocurrencies but with traditional money, that is why UPX stays in the game and cannot be withdrawn.

Upland is available on PC, Android and iOS, and the EOS blockchain is used to create the NFTs (the properties) on it. This technology is aware of climate change, so it was created with the idea of ​​not affecting the environment with carbon emissions.

This blockchain is 66,000 times more efficient than the Bitcoin network and 16,000 times more efficient than that of Ethereum. So his allies, despite having dealings with the crypto world, are located in a fearful term.

Is Upland profitable?

Normally P2E games live surrounded by the specter of disappearance or failure. This case is not the case with Upland who has known how to play his cards to only use the blockchain for what he is interested in.

In this way, profitability can be calculated without fear, Upland will still be there in months and years. Especially if we take into account that they have just signed a contract with the NFL to represent their players in the form of the NFT.

In addition, they have also hinted that they have reached agreements with celebrities and other athletes. So these are good signs for the future.

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As time does not seem like a problem then we can say that the game seems very profitable when you think of an initial investment that allows you to buy several properties.

With rewards at 17% it means that you will get the money back for each property after 6 months. From then on you will generate profits, so that ROI (return on investment) that you must take into account.

If we add to this the achievements and rewards for completing collections, then in 6 months you will have more money than you invested. From then on it will be key to continue buying properties to earn more money in the long run, or to sell what you have and retire when you win.

How much must be invested to enter Upland?

Probably the right amount does not exist, but it seems that “the more the better”. This means that your initial investment will be risky, but the return after six months will also be higher.

Remember that if you invest $ 100, you will recover that amount in approximately 6 months and that the money you will generate every 6 months will be the same. So the initial investment is multiplied by two in a year. This information should help you decide how much to invest.

What are the benefits of the UPX token?

 What Upland knows as a “utility token” is just that, very useful. With this token, Upland avoids the step of complicating things for those who are unaware of wallets and cryptocurrencies.

According to his page, this was one of the objectives, to bring the game to anyone, even those who do not get along so well with new technologies. The main benefit is that it avoids complications for everyone, even for the company that no longer has to deal with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

On the other hand, there are no fees for Ethereum “gas”, or anything like that. So the payment is fast.

In this way, Upland is positioned between play-to-earn games with cryptocurrencies and play-to-earn games with fiat money. His point of connection is the NFTs and this element is what keeps him taking the best of the crypto world. The proposal is definitely interesting, so we will have to see how it progresses over time.


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